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Bride Binocular football
The Tug of Love - ED-5
The reading Game

We love a good wedding, what better occasion than to celebrate LOVE! We created a Wedding Olympics Package for the Southbank Centre's Festival 'Summer of Love' for 50 couples all tying the knot. Then we realised it was the perfect entertainment to break the ice and fill the boring bit at weddings before the food or in the morning to get everyone bonded before the do. 


We put over a decade of games design experience into creating a programme of events to break the ice and get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. 

All hosted by our brilliant host and commentators we lead teams through a hilarious and joyful silly lineup of themed games and wedding based japery all underscored by our comedy DJ.

Activities can include, 

The Champagne dash.

Profiterole Shotput. 

Find your place at the wedding table.

The full mouthed reading.

Wedding car relay.

Confetti Re-get-ti. 

We tailor the games and entertainment to your own personal story and requirements and provide and evening programme including a disco  to boot. 


Drop us an email for more info.

' It was such an ingenious way of getting everyone to know each other in a relaxed - and at times inspirational, ridiculous way.  There was something for everyone..'

Bride Polly Barsby, 2018

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