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Dance off
Lost & Found Pirate School
Camp Bestival Bluecoats

Kids have a bunch of fun with us!

As Big Kids ourselves we love to create the funnest possible times for Little Lost & Founders. Drawing on over 10 years of experience we make the day one to remember and focus on empowering children to challenge themselves in a fun and unique way.   From pirate schools to, snail races and binocular penalty shoot outs we create bespoke packages for events, childrens birthday parties and kids discos. 

' A long and valued relationship with Get Lost & Found. They are endlessly able to deliver hugely original entertainment, always on brief and very skilfully conceived.'

Sandra Ewart, VS Creative Ltd.

We keep great company


Creative, engaging work

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Minecraft Minecon

We were engaged to bring some live character animations to the Minecon Earth Party 2017. Inside the Copperbox Arena at London’s prestigious Olympic Park we animated the space with social mechanics interactions with characters and commentators to bring the off screen life to the event.


We consulted with the client to create animations that supported the tournament and live event to convey messages about the day in a lighthearted and playful manner ensuring the day was one to remember for all the ‘crafters’ in attendance.

Pirate School 

We created a Pirate school for the South Banks Imagine Childrens festival, which has been performed all over the Uk including Arts Depot London, Camp Bestival, and Lollibop festival.  

A 45 minute Interactive playshop for ages 4-7

Man the poop deck, give Polly a cracker and shiver me timbers! A pirate training academy aboard 'The Soggy Otter' turns your little land lovers into seafaring pirates.

Big people, this isn't just an opportunity for some 'arrr and arrr' - you'll be joining in too as we'll need your sea-legs to help your little Jack and Jill Silver's transform.

'The sharpness of the performers that they were never thrown, working many of the children’s ideas – and heckles – into the show. Pirate School is a highly entertaining experience and the catchphrases will haunt you until they return to school'

Whats worth

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