Casting Performers for Uk and Austalia Tours.

We are Casting for talented, experienced interactive theatrical performers for our Roald Dahl Family Show,

 Roald Dahl and the Imagination Seekers is a 65 minute 2 hander, interactive family theatre show.  It was created with The Roald Dahl Story Company and is based on the works of Roald Dahl. 

The Show is touring in Australia for festival season,  including Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne comedy festival and then also touring the UK.  
We are looking for 2 performers to join us on tour. 

Please note that whilst we respect the choice of everyone to autonomy around their health, that a double vaccination certificate is required to tour this production and only those with that in place or pending are invited to apply

Dates of Engagement: January 2022 - end of April 2022 Australia.

We will then be touring throughout the Uk with shows mostly on weekends and school holidays. 

Rates: We are paying standard Australian MEAA (media entertainment arts alliance) Rates of approx 1300 AUS Dollars (£700ish) a Week (which includes subsistence and all extras). All travel including flights and transfers and accommodation, Visas etc are covered. 



Terry Tibblestick (Male 30+ Tall RP)

Terry is officious and finickity he has become obsessive about the storage and maintaining of book collections. He also has a warmth deep somewhere inside that is tender and magical. and brings lots of comedy to the show through clowning.  The ideal performer is someone with script and Improv skills who is comfortable with clowning and playing off an audience. 

Brenda Bogg (Female 25+)

Brenda is playful and imaginative and has a deep love and reverence for the works of Dahl, she is also not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. 

Brenda is always looking for a chance to finds humour and joy in situations.  We are looking for somebody with great comedy skills and also isn't afraid to interact with the audience and make them feel part of the show. 

Please send CV and letter of interest by 30th Oct. Auditions will likely be following week in London.  Rehearsals will commence at the beginning of Jan 20212 with some UK shows before flying to Australia. 

Please email applications to We anticipate with the volume of enquiries that we regrettably may not be able to respond to each and every application. 

Love you x