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In-house play

Long Tall Sally
Pantomime Horse Race For Jagex

We add zing to team building events!

 An away day, a staff party or some in-house training is always a good excuse to inject a large dose of fun into proceedings.


Lost & Found have created all manner of experiences for companies that want to treat their staff to something a little bit different.


We take client confidentially seriously so can't mention most of our high profile clients here.

Piz·zazz or pi·zazz or piz·zaz  n. Informal

1. Dazzling style; flamboyance; flair.
    2. Vigorous spirit; energy or excitement.  


That’s what Get Lost & Found bring to our brand, it’s the perfect match.

Sophie Bell, Diesel

We keep great company

Creative, engaging work

Wonky Sports day for Jagex

We ran a wonky sports day activity for Jagex involving all of their staff from senior management to interns.  


Programming 10 events we split the group into teams to compete for the cup including a Pantomime horse racing,  slippery tug of war , blind folded obstical course guided by headphones, Feather javelin, pea discus and blindfoldedlong jump.


All Games were hosted by our comperes with a DJ and crowd interactions.

Record Breakers for Long Tall Sally

Working with the staff of the fashion brand long tall sally we challenged them to create new world records with weird and wonderful apparatus. In teams they could challenge a record set by another team or use their creativity to make a new one. Hilarity ensued and they got really out of the (cereal) box!

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