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Kids - festivals

Snail Racing
Elderflower fields
Lost & Found pirate school
Binocular football

Kids have a bunch of fun with us!

No one does fun like the British. Holiday camps and comedy are in our genes.

We love a great family festival and have been privileged to pioneer bespoke games experiences with great festivals like Lolibop, Imagine, Elderflower fields and Camp Bestival. We masterfully host and curate the most unique and silly funtimes for all the family to get silly (and competitive) together creating lasting memories to live long after the event. 

 Creating a time tabled programme of happenings and spontaneous fun, we bring a sense of Joy and delight to young and less young both participating or watching.

Our aim to treat the kids like kids and the adults like kids so the play and joy can spread to one and all. 

' A long and valued relationship with Get Lost & Found. They are endlessly able to deliver hugely original entertainment, always on brief and very skilfully conceived.'

Sandra Ewart, VS Creative Ltd.

We keep great company

Creative, engaging work

Camp Bestival Bluecoats

Hi De Hi Campers! As Camp Bestival’s resident Bluecoats Lost & Found have been bringing the holiday camp vibe alive since 2008.


Creating a 3-day programme of bespoke, themed games that entertain kids and grown-ups alike; Billy Goats Crufts, the Annual Gurning Championships, the infamous serious zone, kiss chase (feat. Herpes), Camp Bestival’s Got Talent and Sunday Sports Day, to name but a few.


Lost & Found provided - Idea generation, full programme of bespoke, themed activities, mc and hosting games area and we also hosted other festival stages including the mainstage.

Elderflower Fields 


Invites to bring joy to family festivals are always a buzz for us, so when Elderflower Fields asked us to come and run a Robots Vs Animals Dance off to highlight the theme on the sunday at their lovely little sussex festival we were Stoked and had such a blast being blown away by the crazy talent on display.

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