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Magical Wardrobe of the Alter ego
Giant Scrabble
Binocular Football

We make festivals


Get Lost & Found started life in 2005 playing games in fields and continue to appear at festivals throughout the Summer.

We are proud to be considered pioneers in the 'field' of social mechanics and interactive fun and our thirst for joy and daftness has seen us create interactive venues, unique costumed characters and narratives, walkabout acts, DJs, stage programming and compering, all made especially for each festival and their theme.

We also were the inventors and early adopter in creative play experience with  classic games such as Headling, Bionocular football, Binocular musical chairs, Human Krufts and many many more for the whole family to get daft..

' Whenever I need something a bit special to bring some fun and joy to my events, the first people I call are the Get Lost & Found crew'

Rob da Bank, Bestival, Camp Bestival, Bestival Bali & Toronto and Common People Festival Organiser

We keep great company

Connective, engaging experiences

A decade of Bestival

We worked been worked  Bestival for 12 years and have delivered a whole range of activities.
From our humble beginnings with the roaming fancy-dress swap shop to crowd-pleasing giant scrabble games, Bestival is where we’ve come up with some of our best ideas including....

Our Kidult Creche was a place for adults to get very silly, a Cosmonaut training camp, our sparkly disco-druids created a stir with their pre-festival immersive marketing mischief .

We also worked with Rob da Bank and team as we hoaxed the theft of 5 mystical crystals from Bestival HQ, and we hosted a rehab clinic based in a tree for the Rock Stars, Pop Stars and Divas theme where people could come to be cured of their celebrity obsessions.

During our time working with them they picked up 9 UK Festival Awards

Wilderness Festival

The Old Vic Tunnels approached us to collaborate on a theatrical project for Wilderness Festival 2011. We devised, directed and performed ‘The Magical Wardrobe Of The Alter Ego’, an immersive promenade piece.


The performance was a highlight of the festival and it helped them to win Best Newcomer at the UK Festival Awards.

Bestival Bluecoats

Hi De Hi Campers! As Camp Bestival’s resident Bluecoats Lost & Found have been bringing the holiday camp vibe alive since 2008.


Creating a 3-day programme of bespoke, themed games that entertain kids and grown-ups alike; Billy Goats Crufts, the Annual Gurning Championships, the infamous serious zone, kiss chase (feat. Herpes), Camp Bestival’s Got Talent and Sunday Sports Day, to name but a few.


Lost & Found provided - Idea generation, full programme of bespoke, themed activities, mc and hosting games area and we also hosted other festival stages including the mainstage.

Southern Comfort Juke Joint

Winning the 2012 Best Brand Activation Award at the UK festival Awards,we brought Southern Comfort’s ‘Juke Joints’ concept to life through the characters Beth, Belle Lee and Big Mumma’s Little Girl.


Playing on the slogan ‘unexpected moments’ we created brand-centric games and choreography that encouraged interaction and culminated in a big band parade.


Since that one off performance Southern Comfort asked Lost & Found to take the experience on a year-long tour of the UK, which we did in style and won the Best Brand Activation Award at the 2012 Festival Awards.

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