Through interaction, play and theatrics we bring creativity, originality and joy to events and happenings. Lost & Found's aim is to be a catalyst for interaction and fun. We know nonsense.
Our services include:
Creative consultation
We work with you to establish your needs. Once we understand your message/product/aims we can either guide you with ideas for events, help to bring your event to life or create entire experiences and productions that work with your brand or idea to enhance and communicate your campaign. See what we did for: A Large Finanacial Reporting Company |  Smirnoff
Event production and planning
Lost & Found can guide you in all aspects of your event activities. We provide any props, performers and production necessary to help your day go smoothly. We have an experienced team of stage managers, production crew and project managers who can oversee your event and make sure the experience is executed flawlessly. Camp Bestival  |  BestivalA Large Employee Fun Day | 
Experience Design and Facilitation
We invent brand new, experience-specific games, or put inventive twists on old favourites. Our original games can be themed and adapted for your needs, be they corporate, family friendly or far reaching.  Our team can provide props, instructions and facilitators to encourage interaction and participation in any games that take place. Camp Bestival  |  Binocular Football  |  Letterhead
Immersive Characters
If you're looking for people to add an interactive element to an existing event, need to communicate your message face-to-face or simply want characters in place to help out. Our expansive team of performers, script writers and theatre darlings create immersive characters specific to your themes. As well as facilitating events, bespoke characters bring an aesthetic element that can elevate your event into truly exceptional experiences for your audience. Southern Comfort |Diesel  |  Pernod Ricard  |  Bulmers  |  Wilderness 
 The right compere can transform your night into a truly hilarious experience. We specialise in providing funny, spirited presenters who will gently encourage interaction from your crowd and facilitate flawless events. Camp Bestival  |  Bestival 
Little Lost & Founders
We love to work with small people to create bespoke engaging and empowering theatrical experiences that keep the little critters nattering long after the event. Camp Bestival|Imagine Childrens Festival|
We love to work creating unique theatrical experiences with a focus on joyful play and immersive interaction. Myschief and Mysteries in moomin valley|Roald Dahl and the imagination seekers|
Costume and set design
Incredible aesthetics make a dramatic difference. Our team of professional set and stage designers offer consultation and production services that can transform any venue or space into the era/atmosphere/planet of your choosing. We also have a team of creative wizards who know their way around a sewing machine. We can provide tailored outfits, costume consultation and imaginative solutions to fashion challenges that will mean your event transcends the normal and immerses your audience completely.