We were approached by VS Creative Ltd to brainstorm interactive activity concepts for a large European employee event for a Global News Provider. We worked with them in creating a response which not only won them the contract but the content was extended into other associated events Worldwide

Our consultation work for VS Creative Ltd continues annually and we have helped them to secure further contracts by providing irresistible, bespoke and unique fun time after time!


Our talented crew of ‘Knockateers’ delivered an ‘It’s a knockout’ games area, hosted by Keith Chegwin himself. All  party-goers knocked themselves out with binocular football, zorb ball racing, letterhead all manner of ‘it’s a knock-out’ classics.

101 Things to Do on a Summers Day



We programmed the day around the theme ‘101 wonderful things to do at a summers day’, bringing arm wrestling gorillas, wild west shoot-outs, wishermen in trees, ukalelee dance-offs and human tetris to name just a few. And our delightful team of Australian tour guides were the perfect hosts throughout the day.

I heart Summer

To celebrate the variety of people within the company, we created some larger than life ‘personalities’ to interact, play and entertain, hosted a radio station for the day, organised ariel photos and silent discos throughout the afternoon.

Celebrating Everyone

This event had a global feel, so we flew in Lost & Founders from around the world to put a smile on people’s faces. Games such as Splat The Wombat and Chuck A Shrimp On The Barbie (doll) had people crying with laughter, as did our quick witted USA Sports commentators. Our Global soundscapes quiz was a relaxing treat, more so than our human mattress dominoes! Everyone joined our Cool Brit Cads for croquet, mini lawn tennis, and a right good dance off at the end of the day.


We returned in 2012 with the theme of the party around togetherness. We had lawn games with a twist including human sized dizzy darts, the ever popular Binocular football, giant water-cannon space invaders all lead by the amazing Together crew and commentated on by the hilarious Step Lively and Jimmy Jim Johnson jnr. The gorgeous girls of ‘We,Oui’ were on hand to help guests never saying ‘non’ always saying  ‘we’. Our ‘Dai Jestive’ entertained crowds with Tea and Chats. Mike the Mind with his able assistant was on hand to mysteriously understand guests deepest darkest and daftest thoughts. ‘We Shine’ was the finale as the party climaxed in style to a giant rave up in front of a country house at sunset.