We’ve been working with Bestival for 10 years now and have delivered a whole range of activities.

Kidult Creche

Our Kidult Creche was a place for adults to get very silly indeed, with activities and games galore during the daytime hours including:
-Flounders (an underwater version of Rounders)
-Team Kiss Chase (red lipstick vs blue lipstick, watch out for Herpes lurking in the wings)
-Early morning Oz aerobics
-Bestival gurning competition.

Playtime at the Lost & Found Bestival Kidult Creche

Kosmonaut Training Camp

We created, built and hosted a Cosmonaut training camp to accompany the Outer Space theme. Potential recruits were tested and trained outside the venue by our crackpot Eastern European Cosmonauts on their ability to compose themselves at zero gravity (with the aid of a trampoline). Once they had earned their stripes (stars) they were admitted to outer space. Crawling through a giant air duct they arrived in a magical space party, complete with flying saucer DJ booth and floating space debris.

Bestival 2009 Cosmonaut Academy graduation ball poster

The Siblinghood of the Adjoined Orbs

Our sparkly disco-druids created a stir with their pre-festival marketing mischief. Working with Rob Da Bank and his team we hoaxed the theft of 5 mystical crystals from Bestival HQ. We then hid them throughout the country and festival goers were encouraged to follow the clues and find the missing crystals to win free tickets. Once on site our frolicsome druids recruited new members to the cult and conducted bizarre initiations and rituals.

The Siblinghood of the Adjoined Orbs


We hosted a rehab clinic based in a tree for the Rock Stars, Pop Stars and Divas theme where people could come to be cured of their celebrity obsessions. The ‘Tree-hab Community Therapists’ were all battling with their own obsessions – Klaus had a very bad case of the ‘Lindsay Lohans’. We cured some very sick people of their disturbing conditions including one poor fellow who had been obsessed with Wagner from X-Factor for over a year. On the Sunday we were joined by Mr Motivator who came along to help us shake off any bad vibes left with his high energy workout routines.

A session with one of the Bestival Tree-hab therapist

Bootleg Disco

We hosted a Secret party which could only be accessed through a portaloo guarded by shady nefarious smugglers. Only those who’d partcipated in funtimes during the day were given a golden peanut which allowed entry. The Bootleg disco was a cave like venue with a music policy of bootlegs and disco only.  Was qouted as being ‘the best vibe on site’.

bootleg disco Bootleg